NHBC ‘Buildmark’ Warranty

Rosemount Homes offers NHBC's 10 year buildmark warranty with every home that we sell.

NHBC are the standard setting body and leading warranty provider for new homes in the UK, which ensures that your home has been built to the highest standards of construction, acceptable levels of designs, materials, specification and workmanship. The Buildmark Warranty has two main parts:

  • For two years, from the date of legal completion, Rosemount Homes covers any physical damage or defect to your home caused by faulty workmanship or materials.
  • During years 3 to 10, the NHBC insures you against the full cost (subject to a minimum claim value and other exclusions) of putting right any physical damage to your home caused by a structural defect in any one of the specified parts of the building.
Rosemount Homes | Belfast | NHBC Registered